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karen ward

Tom, I'd like to be more involved in a transition and also to invite interested GTNGers to join 'Anglimergent' on Facebook for synergy.

'Anglimeregent' has a broad and 'radical' focus that seeks to gather and use energy around emerging church, emerging generations (gens x and y) centered on a 3 legged stool of 'reconciliation, mission and justice' in the worldwide Anglican tribe.

The most controversial call of Anglimergent is actively seek and promote reconciliation with one another across differences, so CofE, ACC, + AiMA, CANA more of 'the Others' are welcome and needed for the group for it to have any real reconciling purpose, as I believe that we can't as effectively participate in God's reconciling work in the world, if we are not also trying to live into reconciling life within our own Anglican Communion.

Do email me. i'd like to chat voice also!

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