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I'm interested in serving on Core Team or however I can be of help.



Your Typepad ate my fish

|>[)))*> (a not as cute fish)


Maybe it's time to let GTNG die. It seems defunct at best.


GTNG as a collection of e-mail lists is unlikely to die, as it costs us nothing to keep those up. Similarly, as long as we have at least three folks willing to serve on the Core Team, we can keep GTNG, Inc. on the rolls if needs be. The question, of course, is whether GTNG serves any further purpose in The Episcopal Church and, if so, whether the e-mail lists are sufficient or whether there is more desired.

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I can tell by the fact that this is only the second post on this page, this past year has been much quieter than first envisioned when the Core Team emerged from quietness, re-established this website using Type Pad, and prepared for much more activity than in the past.

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